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New, closed, adopted fanlistings, and stuff

Posted Jul 22, 2010. Filed under Song: Super Junior: Chageun Chageun (Way for Love), Song: Super Junior: Twins (Knock Out), Album: Super Junior: Super Junior '05, Book: My Friend Flicka, Film: Four Rooms, Character: Mizuki Hajime, Series: RH Plus, Series: BECK, Airship: The Lunar Whale, Character: Sanada Genichirou, Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, Job Class: Onion Knights, Relationship: Sanada Genichirou & Yanagi Renji.

Lots to go! (because I haven’t updated this thing in forever).

Closed Fanlistings

For all closed fanlistings, I have kept the member lists. If you open any of these fanlistings and would like to have the old member list, please let me know!

[-] O’hara, Mary: My Friend Flicka (Literature)
[-] Four Rooms (Film)
[-] Super Junior: Chageun Chageun (Way For Love)
[-] Super Junior: Twins (KNOCK OUT)
[-] Super Junior: Super Junior 05

Adopted Fanlistings

These fanlistings all have new owners! Please update your links :) I also have a large number of fanlistings Up for adoption

[-] Tennis no Oujisama: Mizuki Hajime
[-] Series: RH Plus
[-] Gravitation: Nittle Grasper

New Fanlistings

[+] Tennis no Oujisama: Sanada Genichirou
[+] Tennis no Oujisama: Sanada Genichirou & Yanagi Renji
[+] Series: BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad
[+] Series: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
[+] Final Fantasy IV: The Lunar Whale (Airship)
[+] Final Fantasy: Onion Knights (Job Class)